TQ Modules offer a wide range of features and benefits

Top reasons to buy instead of build your modules 

It’s easier. Building a new embedded device from the ground up is an enormous challenge and carries a lot of risk. Embedded development can be made much easier by leveraging existing solutions from TQ-Systems.

It’s quicker. Deployment of a TQ-Systems production-ready module and BSP eliminates 6 to 12 months from your development timeline. 

It’s less expensive. Save substantial non-recurring engineering costs by eliminating specification, parts selection, schematic, layout, and operating system porting efforts. Use an off-the-shelf TQ-Systems module and BSP instead, and get your product to market for less. 

Top reasons to buy modules from TQ-USA 

  • When size matters: TQ-Systems modules have the smallest footprint of any module in the embedded industry
  • You always have access to all the processor signals
  • OS and BSP Support for Linux is always available and can be downloaded from our website
  • OS and BSPS for Microsoft, QNX, Wind River are available for a number of our supported processors
  • Industrial temperature range –25°C to +85°C. Extended temperature range -40°C to +85°C also available
  • Easy bring-up starter kits allow you to quickly and inexpensively test and evaluate our modules and start software development
  • Temperature monitoring for CPU and memory
  • Technical Support and Sales offices nationwide
  • Long term availability (10+ years) supported by an Obsolescence Program
  • TQ-Systems is a Freescale Connect Proven Partner and a TI approved partner, offering the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implemetation of total system solutions.

Order a starter kit today and start working

We offer a starter kit for every module we have available. Each starter kit comes complete with the baseboard, module and power supply. These design platforms provide a quick and easy way to evaluate the module and the supported OS and BSP and provide a software development environment. We provide the baseboard schematics so you can use them in your own baseboard design.

Coast-to-coast sales and support

TQ-USA maintains sales offices in Northern California and Boston, so we are available to service all requests in a timely

fashion. Our FAEs  are very knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and able to assist you with any questions or technical assistance.