Order a starter kit today and start working

We offer a wide selection of inexpensive and versatile starter kits – design platforms that the module plugs onto to and enables you to evaluate the easy board bring-up, BSPs, and operation of the module. Each starter kit gives you:

  • Access to all the processor signals
  • Interfaces to Ethernet, USB CAN, SATa and PCIe (When supported)
  • Access to numerous serial interfaces
  • Baseboard schematics
  • You can incorporate any of the baseboard design elements in your design
  • Comes complete with the baseboard, module, power supply and documentation.

The following Starter Kits are available:

Each starter kit listed below is linked to a page that gives you more detail. Also included are the production ready baseboards for the Intel Com Express Type 6 and Type 10 modules that we support:

ARM Starter Kits

Power Architecture Starter Kits

COM Express Baseboards